Busy, busy.

February 16, 2009

Been busy moving from coast to coast. Working on application icons, t-shirts, CD layouts, and everything in between. Stay tuned for the first piece of Patron Brand Design merchandise. Part of a series of shirts that we’re going to be calling “Mixed Messages”.

White Whale – Holiday mail-out

December 10, 2008


We scrapped Ryder Claus. I set-up and shot this image yesterday. It’s tough as hell to get milk to act the way you want it to, let me tell you, but I’m so pleased with the final product. This is going out to a slew of pals and compadres of the label, directing them to download the phenomenal White Whale Holiday Sampler. Ho. Ho. Rad.

White Whale Christmas

December 8, 2008


I’ve been dreaming of a White Whale Christmas as of late. Head honcho Havdale’s got me working on their holiday mail-out, and while I can’t show the finished product, here’s something that made me laugh ’till my v8 Splash nearly came out my left nostril.

Culture Reject – US Tour Banner

December 4, 2008

White Whale asked me to put together a tour poster and corresponding banner for Culture Reject’s upcoming US tour. Culture Reject (aka Michael O’Connell) writes some of the most brilliant yet stark pop masterpieces I’ve ever heard – thought I’d try my darndest to reflect that. Pick up the self-titled debut from Zunior.com if you’ve yet to hear it.

Monolith Music Festival – Denver

November 17, 2008


One of my biggest pieces to date. Through my work with MOKB, Josh from the Monolith Music Festival contacted me to make a poster for their event that would see the likes of Band of Horses, TV on the Radio, and Vampire Weekend. This is the reason I got into this business – to namedrop. I kid, I kid.

Get Weld – Newmarket

November 17, 2008


One the golden goose’s (geese? whatever…) of poster design is Neil Young. This tribute act may be the closest I’ll ever get, but I’ll take it. I took that Harvest Moon and kicked its ass with this earthy 11 x 17 for a Canadian tribute to the Godfather of Grunge.

Canadians for Obama

November 17, 2008


While we, as Canadians, couldn’t really do much to help the results of the American election, I wanted to get in on the great graphics display that was going on. I put together this little piece to show Canadians and Obama in solidarity. Like… Canadabama or Obamada.

I like Obamada.

Silver Jews – Indianapolis

November 17, 2008


Boy, did I ever have fun with this one. The Silver Jews only recently started touring after being around for years and years. For their stop in Indianapolis, I thought I’d make it special with an interactive poster. The pieces of this print can be cut out and formed into an actual dreidel. Apparently it doesn’t work. But man, how awesome would it be if it did?

Protest The Hero – Ottawa

November 17, 2008


Way back I mentioned birds are the new hands are the new black. This is poster holds two of the three. I’m in the process of getting these screened with some sweet, sweet metallic silver ink. I’m not usually into heavier bands, but Protest does it for me and brings me to a place where I attach flags to exposed bone. Nice.

Mohawk Lodge / Poorfolk – tour poster

November 17, 2008


Unlike Billy Joel, these guys did start the fire. White Whale asked me to organize some semblance of a tour poster for them for the Mohawk Lodge and Poorfolk’s cross-country ‘Start A Fire’ jaunt. I grabbed a match, took some leaves, and this was the result.